Checking the same sites daily, looking for the same items? Tired of posting wanted ads? Afraid somebody else might buy it first? Want to be the first to know when something of your interest appears on the internet?

Then iSiteWatch is for you! Let us do the work and we will notify you instantly when an item of your interest appears.

Current features:

  • Searches the sites you specify every couple of minutes, notifying you of the freshest results that match your criteria
  • Local results for major Canadian cities
  • Search buy and sell sites, news sites, forums
  • Aggregate search, search multiple sites with one watcher
  • Email notification when your search items are found
  • Add your own private links or rss feeds and we will continuously search them for you
  • Watch for hard to find or high demand items and we'll make sure you don't miss them

What can I use for?

  • Watch for last minute concert and show tickets
  • Look for jobs, car parts, furniture, garden gnomes
  • Watch for your company name in the news and media
  • Find that apartment you've always wanted
  • Watch your favourite hot deals forums


The idea came to me while searching for car parts online. I noticed that I was visiting the same sites everyday, looking for the same items. So being a developer, I decided to automate this process into a tool that would be useful for any user. The aim of this application is to be simple, user friendly and result driven. Sign-up and try our service now, its FREE.